Innovative start-up with “future technology” (Electronics)



To re-structure and re-position the company to be able to achieve success faster. To improve processes, increase the company’s value and create greater awareness of the unique/ innovative product development based on the significant development of its process technology.

Focus was value increase and project was set up in two main stages:

  • Creation of a prioritised roadmap of key activities to secure growth.
  • Identification of industrial partner to and/ or additional investors to secure continued progress and value growth.


4 listérus & partners resources were involved – each with complementary expertise. Resources were based in 4 different countries with WW reach.



Deliverables included:

  • Revamped business processes
  • Identification of an industrial partner
  • “Win-win“ for the parties involved



“Result speaks for itself.” Parties were satisfied with the end result.