Edtech’s dramatic increase

Edtech = Educational Technology is on the increase in Sweden. Revenue growth was >200% in 2016 driven mainly by smaller companies. Trends: AI will be pushed forward Digital strategies in universities, colleges, schools etc. will be the norm Greater understanding for the values & benefits … increase in services …. increase in demand “Ketchup effect” […]

Finnish company to enter Africa sub-Saharan region

listérus & partners is pleased to advise and support another Finnish company to enter sub-Saharan Africa region via our hub in South Africa. We cover numerous countries in the sub-Saharan region via Johannesburg where major companies have their HQ:s for this region. Some also cover North Africa & the Middle East via South Africa.

Focus in South Africa

Essentially driven by our clients entering sub-Saharan Africa, our focus “down there” is mining, energy, transportation & ICT. Of particular focus, besides ICT, is water & sanitation, transport, energy, security & defence, healthcare, mining & enviro-tech. We have an enormous pull for energy storage solutions, security & IoT … and need solutions to complement those […]

Cashless Sweden & “swishing” money

Cash is forecasted to end 24/3/2023 in Sweden …. yes, exact date. This is driven by the consumers rather than by retailers. It is already ‘difficult’ to pay with cash… The successful payment system in Sweden is Swish … which is driven and supported by the banks, “bankgirot”, mobile operators, app boutiques & technology integrators. […]

‘Current’ IoT to disappoint?

ARPC (Average Revenue per Connection) for ‘current’ IoT-related services are estimated to land around the 15 EUR ballpark. 5G fixed wireless access is set to deliver >40 EUR ARPC (until 2025) … a major contribution. Wait for 5G? No, but focus on Digital Transformation … which isn’t, by the way, the same as IoT.   […]

Close to Global Reach

Pleased to announce that we have signed an agreement with Demtech, HQ’d in Madrid, to offer our clients greater geographical reach. Demtech is particularly strong in Spain/ Iberia, Italy, France & Latin America whereas we are well-positioned in Germany (DACH), the Nordics, the Middle East and Africa. An excellent fit in order to achieve even […]

Disruptive technology for Defence Transformation

Defence is increasingly technology-driven, enabled and steadily more dependent on the commercial sector. The commercial sector will step up efforts to develop the technologies to gain an advantage against its “opposition” as well as the fight domestic crime, cyber terrorism and state protection. The lucrative market is a driver but…. watch-out, the (mainly) US forces […]

Exits don’t go on holiday in the Nordics

Sweden & Finland almost close down in July. However, this doesn’t slow down the pace of exits. In the tech sector in Sweden, the number of exits this year has already exceeded the total number for 2016 … and this happened during the holiday period. As said, exits are not on holiday in July… even […]

Investment in South Africa to rise significantly

Investment in South Africa Infrastructure is set to rise significantly by 2020 supported by government plans. Major investments will take place in the following industries: Construction Transport & logistics Energy/ electricity & power Water & sanitation We believe that we are well positioned to support our clients in ICT & the Utility sectors. Latest technologies […]