Knowhow and local presence

To achieve business success, you need industry knowhow, close and trustworthy relationships, extensive networks and experience. With local market presence and knowledge, you are responsive to customer needs. Understanding the local business culture is imperative.

At the end of the day, the likelihood of winning business is higher when conducted locally.


We have more than 250 years international business experience. We know how business is conducted and won. We utilize our close relationships, are close to the business opportunities and keep abreast with the latest and future trends. We command the industry knowhow and understand the local market needs.

We focus on the ICT, Electronics and Utility industries. These industries are interconnected with several other industries and therefore we gain a broad understanding of the total market needs.
Together with our company partners, we deliver services to meet any specific local requirements that our clients need.

It is essential to understand the local business culture and the expectations. We, together with you, can meet these expectations and secure success.

We quickly mobilize local resources, determine and prioritize the actions required to achieve the business targets.

To summarize, we have the knowhow and local presence/ relationships to secure business success.